Sunday, February 27, 2011


The world is controlled by many different corporations. They influence pretty much everything. They even influence the important decisions that affect everyone. Power is one thing that apparently money can buy in the world that we live in today. There are many different instances that money is used to gain power in decisions that you would like to change the outcome. In many third-world countries, bribes are used to completely change decisions. Although corporations may not be behind that, it is actually happening. Many governments are corrupted.

Now, in the United States, this does not happen, as much. Remember how in 2008, that Blagojevich guy in Illinois tried to sell the senate seat, left by our president, Barack Obama. Well, that shows how mature our country is. How can you even possibly think that you can sell a spot in the senate, which just proves that people in our country can be very, very stupid at important times.

Back to the corporations now, did you know that McDonalds is “working” with the United States Government, to try to stop obesity? They are now trying to have their food become healthier. That’s just like trying to teach an old dog new tricks, it is not going to work. This is just free advertising for McDonalds. This again shows how much power that corporations have. I personally think that this is very stupid. The government needs to know when it is being used, and seeing as this is our government, being slow, how do you think that they will react to important things, such as the War on Terror, or other things?

Another instance is when I turned on the TV and saw that Taco
Bell had sponsored, the NBA Skills Challenge for 2011. This is another reason that people are stupid. Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant. The skills challenge is about speed and game. This is trying to say that eating Taco Bell will make you as good at basketball as NBA players. Trust me, eating Taco Bell will not make you any better at basketball, in fact, it will probably make you even worse at basketball then before you ate their crappy food, which by the way does not even taste that good at all. Taco Bell food has so much bad fat, that it might turn you into a couch potato, watching the next years Skill Challenge.

Corporations can be as deadly as a noob with a rocket launcher in Call of Duty. They have so much power in the world, and that is something that we need to change, one person at a time.