Wednesday, July 11, 2012

channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean REVIEW

Finally, after a botched album release with Def Jam Records, Frank Ocean releases his "d├ębut" album, or in my opinion his sophomore, after the release of nostalgia, ULTRA. Channel Orange is a masterpiece in every way. From the track, "Lost" to the ballad "Forrest Gump". From the bored attitudes of Frank and Earl in, "Super Rich Kids", to the perfect collaboration on "Pink Matter". Having had a chance to hear the album before its release was a good opportunity to reflect on how far Frank has come in his four years since leaving New Orleans to pursue a career in the industry he is currently revolutionizing.

On this album, I would have to say my favourite song was "Lost". It starts off with a catchy tune that transcends into the song itself. The song is brilliantly balanced between the instrumental and Frank's vocals while telling the story of a girl who is lost with her life.

I only went in depth on one song, but the whole album is something that is worth listening to and taking a good hard thought about it. Frank and the rest of his crew have really made a piece of art that transcends all tastes in music. There is something for you on this album no matter who you are.

Rating: 8.5/10

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay REVIEW

Coldplay and their newest album, Mylo Xyloto may seem like a drastic change from their previous material, but I personally thought that it was a change for the better.

The album starts off with a warm instrumental, in the title track, "Mylo Xyloto". The song immediately transitions into the upbeat but depressing song, "Hurts Like Heaven". However, my favourites on this album were "Paradise", "Major Minus", and "Charlie Brown".

"Major Minus" tells the tale of a couple escaping the grasps of an Orwellian like society reminiscent of the novel, 1984. It starts off with a guitar riff and ends with Chris Martin exclaiming, "Got one eye on the road and one on you!".

"Charlie Brown" is the only song off the album that I took the time to learn how to play on the guitar, and that made me appreciate it even more. This song is fantastic, and has all the elements to make it a hit.

"Paradise" is quite possibly the most famous song off the album, and the one that Coldplay has received the most recognition for. The song tells the story of a young girl who followed her dreams, but lost them in the process. The opening of the song is my favourite part and the song doesn't let down till the end.

The album is a step away from Coldplay's previous work, and this was a big risk to take. However, in the end, I feel that the risk paid off and produced a well put together album in Mylo Xyloto.

Rating: 8/10