Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding My Own EP by Devin Miles REVIEW

    A fantastic debut for the Pittsburgh native. Devin Miles will become a mainstream artist pretty soon, if he produces tracks like the ones on this EP. At times he sounds like Drake, and at others he sounds like fellow Pittsburgh native, Wiz Khalifa. My highlight of this EP would have to be the track called "Spaced Out". It's a fun, upbeat song that has one too many references to marijuana. There are many other tracks on this extended play that are noteworthy, but a track that I personally liked was "Open Season". In this track Mr. Miles raps about becoming huge and becoming one of the best rappers. The way he states all this is very creative and is very nicely structured. "Love Letter" talks about Devin's girl problems and how he tries to keep his girl. There isn't really that much he could improve in these "emotional" tracks. 

  Some improvements Devin could make is making better beats, but I'm not complaining. This was a great debut for Devin Miles, and I hope to see, sorry "hear" more in the future from this man. 

Rating: 7.5/10

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Music Videos

Spaced Out: Devin Miles - Spaced Out [Official Music Video] - YouTube


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