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2012 United States Presidential Race

us election Who Will Win the 2012 U.S. Election?

This is more than your average election. This forthcoming election for the President of the United States of America, may just decide how America will fare for the next 10, 20, years. Our country is in a turmoil, loads of debt, budget deficits, you name it, we got it. Barack Obama, as much as I like him, needs to step up his game or get benched. If he wins the next election, we better start seeing some change for the good. Anyways,  here is a brief overview of the race:

The Candidates:


President Barack Obama (D-Illinois) - President Obama has been running for reelection and running the country at the same time for the last couple of months. Obama is currently projected as the Democratic Party's Nomination for the upcoming election. All of the previous Democratic primaries have gone to Obama. If he is to win, he better make some changes right now or be given a bitter defeat. Obama is a supporter of rights for same-gender marriages.


Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts) - Ah, Mr. Romney, the wealthiest of all the candidates running. With an estimated $200 million worth in assets, Romney is one of the richest candidates to run for the White House this election cycle. Considered by most Republicans as the most "liberal" of the candidates, he was the former governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007. Romney has his best shot at winning if he can prove that he has the values of Republicans and if he can really rally the conservative voting base. Romney is against same-gender marriage and civil unions.

Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) - When I think of Newt, I think of a moon base, but hey, that's just me. Gingrich is a former Speaker of The House. He served during Clinton's administration. Gingrich also served as a Congressman from Georgia in the 6th District. Newt is a big thinker and a grassroots organizer. Gingrich is against same-gender marriage, although his sister Candance is a advocate.

Ron Paul (R-Texas) - Ron Paul is considered the "radical" candidate in this election. Paul is a Representative from Texas in it's 14th District. Before serving as a Congressman, Paul was a doctor in Texas from the 60's to the 80's. Ron is one of the candidates that most voters shrug off, but he has some good ideas. Paul has a committed group of supporters and can raise money well. Paul is against same-gender marriage, but for stem-cell research.

Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) - Santorum was a former Senator from the state of Pennsylvania. Of the 4 current candidates he has done well in the most recent primaries winning 2 of the 3, Colorado and Minnesota. Santorum is against same-gender marriage and birth control. He is socially conservative and voted for tax cuts.

The Problems:

Budget Deficit: the Government is spends more money than they earn in revenue.

Debt: The United States is $15 trillion dollars in debt, and it is increasing by the second. (U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time)

Scenarios :

Santorum vs. Obama: Obama wins this matchup easily. Santorum's views on social issues and other things lead to the general American public not agreeing with them. Obama is a safer choice for president than Santorum.

Romney vs. Obama: This is a tough one, and it could go either way. Romney has been considered the most liberal of the Republican candidates. If they ran this scenario 10 times, Obama would win 5 times and Romney 5 times. Romney getting the nomination is the greatest chance for the Republicans to win the Presidency.

Gingrich and Paul are essientially out of the race.
The Outcome:

You think that I know what's gonna happen? It all depends on what you chose to do. If you vote, it can make a difference, albeit a small one. If you really support a candidate, then go out and do whatever you can to make sure that they get elected. If you really do not care, well sit back and enjoy the show! :)

(All from the head of a 14 year old and Google)

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