Monday, March 12, 2012

Torches by Foster The People REVIEW

Ah, Foster The People's debut album. The 10 tracks on this album make up a fantastic debut for this relatively new band. Foster The People, if you didn't know, was founded by Marc Foster, the lead vocalist in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. Tracks such as "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Call It What You Want" put the band out on the indie rock scene.

The first track on this album, "Helena Beat" starts off with a great beat, then develops into insanely high vocals from Marc Foster. Other tracks such as "Pumped Up Kicks" with its graphical lyrics catch a listeners attention. However, my personal favorite track on this album, has to be "Call It What You Want". This track was actually featured on FIFA 12, and that's where I heard it first. The song has good piano riffs, and lyrics that make you think about modern day society. Another song that I like was, "I Would Do Anything For You", the song's emotional singing and lyrics really struck a chord with me. 

Overall, this was a good debut for a band that I am expecting many more hits from. Foster The People has a bright future, and I am looking forward to listening to new songs that they will come up with. If you don't know who they are, well you must be living under a rock. Just kidding, about that last part, anyways Foster The People produced a great album with Billboard hits.

Rating: 8/10

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