Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blue Slide Park by Mac Miller REVIEW

Damn, I didn't even know who Mac Miller was before this album. But, he comes out with a bang! 

The album begins with a slow, short, and soft track in "English Lane". The album immediately switches into, a typical Mac song, in "Blue Slide Park" Mac strings words together with such grace that it seems like the lyrics are just rolling off his tongue. His lyrics are meaningful and deal with problems that rappers run into. Songs like "Under The Weather", show off Mac's fun side, with lyrics like "I'm cool with it, chillin' with some buddah smoke, I always do it big like Jewish nose" Another song that shows off that playful side is "Party on 5th Ave." Mac says whatever he wants to, and that's what makes him real. Main-stream these days are all about typical plastic, and songs without feeling. Mac makes you feel like he is in the game to play, not to make money. 

I truly think that Mac is a breath of fresh air to the strained rap industry, where rapping only has to do with drugs, alcohol, etc... Blue Slide Park is a collection of the many different talents of Mac Miller and I think that it is one of the good rap albums that was released in a while. 

Rating: 9/10

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