Monday, May 7, 2012

This Is How I Live by Devin Miles REVIEW

Devin Miles, with his follow-up EP to the original EP, Finding My Own. A solid sophomore effort, but not as good as the debut. However, its not to say that the whole thing was a flop. There were a few tracks on this EP, that I actually liked. Mr. Miles must continue to find his unique sound and when he does, he will rise to the top.

One of the tracks that I liked on this EP, was "The Lesson" which starts off with some female vocals. The song progresses into one of my favorite beats on the whole EP. Devin then begins to rap about finding success. The song is well-balanced between the beats and the vocals. Devin does not overpower the beats and the beats don't overpower him either.

Another track that I liked on this EP was. "Iceman". This song makes me think of ridin through my city watching what people do in life. I'm guessing that was the point of the song. The beat in this song is pretty good and the verses are well-structured. However, what I'm guessing is the chorus of this song kinda doesn't match the song well.

Anyways, this was a good effort from Devin, but cannot match the wow factor of the original. Try again Devin, you have got a bright future, but you have to try harder. This seemed a bit rushed to me, but if he takes the time and experiment with different types of songs, then he can really blast out onto the hip hop scene. Overall, this was not Devin's best work and I want to see better in the future!!!

Rating: 7/10

Download link: Devin Miles - This Is How I Live Hosted by The R.L.E.S. Society // Free Mixtape @

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