Thursday, August 25, 2011

Basketball Story

The ball is lifted into the air. Two tall guys jump for it. The ball ends up in Joe’s hands. Joe dribbles the ball down the court. Now he sees his teammate open. The pass is made and a shot is scored. Joe’s team is in the lead.

Joe and his fellow teammates are playing basketball. This game is for the championship of their league. Before this game, Joe’s team played in many playoff games to get here. It was a tough battle for his team to get to this point in the season.

Now Joe must sprint back to play defense. The player he is guarding gets the ball. He drives in and Joe has no choice but to foul him. The player makes both of his free throws and the game is tied. Joe’s coach calls a timeout.

The coach yells a play at them. Everyone understands their role. The huddle is broken and everyone gets ready for the inbounds pass. As the ball enters the air, it is intercepted by the other team! A quick layup is scored and Joe’s team is losing.

It is the 4th quarter and there are 4 seconds left on the clock. Joe takes the ball. Everything seems like it is in slow motion. 3, 2, 1… Joe releases a beautiful, arcing, 3 point shot. Everyone is quiet, and then a swoosh is heard. Suddenly the whole arena erupts with joyful cheers. Joe’s team has won the game! It’s all over as Joe’s team has won the basketball league for this season!

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