Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Fable Story

An ugly dog is limping on a path. One of the dog’s legs has been ripped off of its body, and only bone is remaining.The dog has patches of fur missing from its body. Many scars cover the dogs face. Only one ear is left on the dog’s head. When it walks by, other animals freeze, terrified with fear. The dog meets an enormous mouse and asks for some food. The gigantic mouse towers over the dog. It glances at the dog once, laughs, and says, “I don’t help ugly animals.” The dog asks for food once again. Now, the mouse leaves without a word. The dog has no choice but to keep limping on the path.

The next day, the dog returns to the same path. The dog meets another mouse. The dog asks this mouse for food. The mouse thinks about it and says, “All right, I will give you some food. The dog accepts the food and says thank you. The mouse replies with you’re welcome.

As the dog is leaving, it gives riches to the mouse. The shocked mouse is at a loss for words. Finally, it manages to squeak a thank you. The dog smiles and says you are welcome. Now the dog turns to leave and walks away on the path.

The other mouse sees all of this. Now it scrambles to give food to the dog. The dog accepts this mouse’s food as well. The dog says thank you, and is turning to leave when, the mouse says, “Aren’t you going to give me some gold?” The dog turns around and the look on its face tells the mouse that, it is not getting any gold from this dog.

The disappointed mouse turns to leave. The dog transforms into a tall person. The ugly dog was the king of the land! The king is surrounded by trumpeters, gold, chariots, and many noble animals, including a lion. The mouse is shocked and its mouth is hanging wide open. The dog explains why he did not give it any gold. “Since I was an ugly dog, you did not give me any food, and passed me over. But once you saw me give gold to the other caring mouse, you scrambled to help me. You disgust me.” Now the king turns the mouse into a donkey and tells it to run forever, without stopping. Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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