Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leonardo Da Vinci

The year is 1487, he has done it. Leonardo has drawn something that he has been trying to make for years. Now the vitruvian man is no longer an idea in his head, but one that is finally on paper.

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Florence, Italy and died at the ripe age of 67 on May 2, 1519. Da Vinci is known today as the archetype Renaissance man. These types of people were usually defined as people who had very high curiosity but were limited by the technology of the era.

For example, Leonardo drew an image of what he called a “flying machine” but due to the technology of that era, it was never able to come to life. Tanks were another idea that Leonardo thought of but due to the limits of the time, that too never came to life. I believe that if Leonardo had lived now, many of the ideas that he had come up with, would be reality as many of them are already. Some other things that he also had ideas of were hang gliders, helicopters, solar power and a calculator.

Paintings were also another famous thing that Leonardo Da Vinci was known for. One of the most famous paintings of all time was the Mona Lisa. Another famous painting that he made was The Last Supper.

As an engineer he also came up with some new shapes. A rhombicubotahedron one of those shapes. Another thing that fascinated Leonardo was the phenomenon of flight, so he decided to invent many machines that were supposed to fly, but as expected pretty much all of them did not fare well. Musical instruments and bridges were also other things that Leonardo invented. A bridge that he drew the blueprint of was built over 500 years later in Istanbul, Turkey and it was a success.

Leonardo had a very interesting personal life. Considered to love life, he was a vegetarian and bought caged birds and released them soon after. Many people of the time thought of him as a very generous person.

As you can see, Leonardo Da Vinci was a very interesting man. Known as one of the greatest inventers of all time, he had an extremely large curiosity. I hope that this has informed you about the man of his era, Leonardo Da Vinci.

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